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Casey J Sullivan as Captain Christopher Mathis (DF)
Tiffany Ann Bonner as Commander Serena Rivieras (DF)
James Lamp as Commander Mathew Connor (DF)
Jack Mormon as Commander Nickolus Daudo (DF)
David Pass as Dr. Davidious (DF)
Brandon McFadden as Lt. Commander Thomas Jorvin (DF)
Art Wallace as Lieutenant Xavier (DF)
Miguel Quintero as Ensign Lynx (DF)
Richard Lord as Colonel Jad'n (DF)
David Fraizer as The Lord Marshall MKI (DF)
Ben Bassett as Ian Jorvin (DF)
Ben Bassett as Max Jorvin (DF)
Chris Carroll as Markus Jorvin MKI (DF)
James Woomer as Markus Jorvin MKII (DF)
Christine Padovan as Mirak (DF)
Eon Song as Kai Kensai (DF)

John Lucas as The Lord Marshall MKII (DF)
Earl Waters as Subcommander Asha'l MKI (DF)
Jonathan "JB" Pafford as Dr. Aron (DF)
Ryan Findlay as Major Kira Reon (DF)

Michael Liebmann as OPS Crewman (DF)
Maya Dostanic as Dola (DF)
Ed Carr as Conastoga Captain Maddox (DF)
Colleen Harrison as Conastoga Operations Officer (DF)
Maya Dostanic as Damascus's Captain (DF)
Ed Carr as Imperial Guard (DF)
Colleen Harrison as Repair Crew Pilot (DF)
Ken Hill as Security Minister Bobruisk (DF)
Christine Padovan as Overhead Voice (DF)
"Guest Voice Appearance By"
Robin Hiert as Dark Figure (DF)
Nicole McIntosh as Taryn Vao (DF)
Justin Smith as Lieutenant Tibbits (DF)
Michael Kimbro as Captain Mitchell (DF)
Selina Thomas as Martia (DF)
Valentin Majenga as Bolian Crewman (DF)
Brandon McFadden as The Hooded Man (DF)
Deania 'Devine' Hester as CMA Andrews (DF)
Josh Spiller as Engineering Crewman #1 (DF)
Nicole McIntosh as Engineering Crewman #2 (DF)
Dennis Sullivan as Captain Johnathan Mathis (DF)
Christine Padovan as Alexia Mandell (DF)
Jose Rodriguez as Jay (DF)
Brandon McFadden as Caitian Barfly (DF)
Vickie Driver as Bar-Back (DF)
Brandon McFadden as Captain Maddox (DF)
Dezzie Driver as Operations Officer (DF)
Jeanette Peterson as Captain's Woman Mrk I (DF)
Diane Reese as Captain's Woman Mrk II (DF)
Arthur Gerhart as Romulan Commander (DF)
Christine Padovan as Captain Searon (DF)
Vanessa Richardson as The Bartender MKII (DF)
Robert Hagerman as Romulan Centurian (DF)
Valentin Menjega as Bolian Crewman (DF)

Roger Pitts as Damascus Crewman (DF)
Samantha Pitts as Damascus Crewman (DF)
Carlos Cortez as Damascus Crewman (DF)
James Scocca as Damascus Crewman (DF)
Brandon McFadden as Andorian Crewman (DF)
Brandon McFadden as Orion Security Guard (DF)
Laura Waters as StarFleet Crewman (DF)
Earl Waters as StarFleet Crewman (DF)
Vickie Waters as StarFleet Crewman (DF)
Mathew Ginn as StarFleet Crewman (DF)
Kathy Shaw as StarFleet Crewman (DF)
Valentin Menjega as Romulan Crewman (DF)
Jonathan Pass as Romulan Crewman (DF)
Mary as StarFleet Crewman (DF)
Mathew Ginn as Tactical Officer (DF)
Diane Reese as Temple Extra (DF)
Justin Smith as Vulcan Crewman (DF)
Jonathan Pass as Damascus Yeoman (DF)
Reba Johnson as Crewman Hathaway (DF)
Miguel Quintero as Male Dancer (DF)
Robert Eric T. as Rape Victim (DF)
Zachary Gerhart as StarFleet Commander (DF)
Scott Peters as StarFleet Ensign (DF)
Valentin Menjega as StarFleet Crewman (DF)
Ryan Findlay as Security Guard (DF)
Jonathan Pass as Andorian Crewman (DF)
Reba Johnson as Orian Crewman (DF)
Dark Frontier is a fan-series (hour long episodes). It is "inspired" by Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry. It chronicles the crew of the I.S.S. Arkangel NX-73814.  It takes place in a parallel/mirror universe.  In which, the Earth has been globally incinerated by Klingon-Cardassian Alliance Forces.  The Terran Empire, has struggled to regain a foot-hold on it's territories and rebuild itself.  With the help of the Romulan Star Empire, the two empires have formed a coalition.  Which endeavors to rise to power once again.
Created By
Casey J. Sullivan & David Pass

Written By
Casey J. Sullivan & David Pass

Produced By
Casey J. Sullivan & David Pass
Copyright ©  Triple-Fiction Productions