Triple-Fiction Productions
Est. 2008
We are a North Florida based Independent Film Company, located in Lake City, FL 32024.

We've been privileged to produce several Star Trek® Inspired Fan-Series & Mini-Series.

Productions include: Dark Frontier, Dark Frontier: Operation Deliverance, Dark Frontier: Vanishing Point.
We have also worked with other studios to create the following productions: Star Trek: Equinox, Star Trek: Tales of Discovery, & Star Trek: Imperium. Our productions are free for viewing via youtube and vimeo.

We've been privileged to work with amazing professional actors and aspiring actors, from all over the world.

In addition we have been producing props for other film makers and film companies since 2010.
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Who are we?  We or more accurately, I, am Casy J Sullivan.  An I'm the Owner/Operator of Triple-Fiction Productions.  I and my fleet of robots aka 3D printers, are the workforce behind this small business.  Although that was not always the case...  Before 2017, the hard work and dedication of this company belonged to me, my dad Dennis C Sullivan and my best friend David Pass.  During our first years as a fan-film production company, it was David who cast all of our great and talented actors; As well as directed and did the makeup work.  An it was me who produced the films as producer, director, writer, and a whole list of other things.  But it was Dennis who did the incredible job of building props from hand and out of wood for our films that not only made them possible; It also sparked the idea for us to become a company devoted to prop replicas.

So after only a few short years in the film making industry, we set out to make inspired prop replicas mostly from Star Trek but also a few other genre.  It was me and my dad building and painting props made out in our workshop in the backyard that put us on the map and gained us the notarity of being one of the most well known prop companies in the world.

Now as newer more advanced technology has become available, the tradition of making hard to find props has continued into a new era.  3D printing has allowed me to take over where my dad left off and to do things I once only imagined.  I've made it my sole purpose in life to bring my talent for 3D modeling, artistry and design to the world of prop replicas.  I design everything I sell from scratch and build it in my work studio, that I also built with my own two hands.  There's a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into what I make and I hope that as the years pass people will remember where their props come from; Just as I will always remember where I came from...